Compound Turboch diagram
Odyssey Yache Schematics
Shari Kite pattern 1
Shark kite pattern 2
V-8 sketch1
V-8 sketch 2
improbable aircraft header
Aerobarge line art
Avacubi line art
D'Amari Camparri line art
Freeway Extractor line art
Future Fighters cover comp
McDervish line art
MiG-47 line art
Nasty Looking Plane comp
O Tombo Otnithopter line art
Atomic Clipper line art
Really Silly Airplanes cover comp
Samauri jetfighter line art
SuperShuttle Retrofit line art
Schvinn Ultralight marker comp
Heavy-lift VTOL line art
sketchbook header
aircraft sketches 1
aircraft sketches 2
aircraft sketches 4
Retro Rocket sketches
Turner-Trump RHA sketches
Aci-Fi sketches 1
Sci-Fi sketches 2
concept cars header
SaltShaker sketch
StudeBreaker sketch
SuperTruck sketch
Land Speed Concept ext sketch
Land Speed concept int sketch
Land-Speed variations sketch
Big Gulp sketch
Catamaram car sketch
animatronic armature header
Animatronic armature retracted technical art
Animatronic armature unfolding technical art
Animatronic armature extended technical art
(fully extended)
Animatronic armature range of motion technical art
(range of motion)
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